Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Sayin'

Nobody loves doing laundry. Well, no one that I know, anyway. And, if you do by any chance know of someone who loves to do laundry, you should probably slap that delusional person...back into know...where everyone else hates the blasted chore.

As much as I do hate the laborious task, I do not at all mind the first two loads. Those first two lovely and friendly and delicious loads. There is something wonderful about feeling like you are doing something without really doing much of anything at all. You can say, "hey...I have accomplished so much today...the second load of laundry is already in the washer". See...doesn't that sound pretty good? Go ahead, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

But, we (we being all the people who actually do the laundry) know the (not so) secret fact that those first two loads of laundry practically do themselves. Because at that point, there is no folding involved. There is no matching. There is no turning things right side in. It is just simply putting a load in the wash. Then transferring that load to the dryer. Then simply putting a new load in the wash. What bliss!

Ahh...if all laundry could be done without the stupid folding and the other nasty minutiae of laundry-hell...well, then life would be pretty ok. Pretty ok, indeed.

You know. Just a little laundry speak for the day. And, you know...just sayin'.

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