Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog Drama

When we first brought Finnley home, Batman really didn't know what to think of her. He didn't know what a "her" even was. He certainly didn't know that Finnley was a person like his mommy and daddy. But, he was mindful of her. He was careful around her. He licked her face when we told him to give her "kisses", and then he got treats. All was well and fine and good.

And then Finnley got bigger. And then she began to move. And then she started to grab Batman's tail and his ears. She would pull on his fir to try to pull herself into a stand. She would touch his paws every chance she could get. She would stalk him and play in his bed. Batman started to realize that she WAS a person. And an annoying one at that. And, he didn't love her. Not at all. But, he did tolerate her.

And then Finnley started eating people food. Mushy, wet, slippery, flingy, wonderful people food. And, drops of this food would fall on the floor. And smears of it would be all over Finnley's hands and face. And bits of it would cling to the random parts of Finnley's high chair and tray. Batman found out that if he was patient, he could lick clean Finnley's hands and face. He could lick the high chair and clean up the messes on the floor. And, he was even more amazed when Finnley started eating Gerber puffs and yogurt melts...and she would hold her hand out for him to take them.

And she would smile.

And tolerance became less of a chore.

And Batman was in love. At least during mealtime, anyway!

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