Thursday, April 01, 2010

Enough moments of perfection... be a nearly perfect day.

Seeing life through a new set of tiny eyes. Straining to turn the neck and head to take in the still naked trees as we pass them on our first ever hayride. Sitting and exploring a dried up leaf and stem and the freshly darkening blades of grass as the older kids hunt for Easter eggs hidden by Peter Rabbit. Investigating the strange and fascinating "fur" on the Easter bunny's arm and hand as we sit for a picture.

Lunch out. New foods. New textures. New tastes. New enjoyment of the world around us.

A napping baby. Mommy getting "me time" out on the patio. Reading a book, a stolen and rare pleasure. Drinking in each and every page, slowly sipping each luscious word as I might an aired out glass of my favorite red wine. Letting the sun hit me and not having to be responsible for anything but the present time.

Tennis ball. Squishy, wet, foamy, disgustingly wonderful tennis ball. Throwing it for my other baby. My first baby. Watching his joy. Watching him enjoy just being noticed and loved. Seeing the pleasure he draws from soaking in the sunshine after a long winter and a bout of cloudy and cool rainy days.

A sleep-freshened baby on a blanket in the yard. Sun hat on. Surrounded by toys, the dog, and her mommy. Loving more time in her environment and her ever-growing world.

A glass of red wine. A content mommy. A bottle. A happy scooting baby. Dinner. A sleepy dog. Smells of neighbors grilling wafting in the air and through our windows.


Longer days.


Indeed...enough moments of perfection to be a nearly perfect day...I can't ask for much more than that.

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