Thursday, April 15, 2010

In This Spot

I spent countless hours cradling you, rocking you, feeding you. During the mornings. During the afternoons. During the middles of the night. A newborn who needed so much.

I spent time reading to you. Board books. Classics. Anything we had in our reaches. You only wanted to eat the pretty pages or to tear them determinedly from their bindings.

I sat you up like a big girl and let you take in your room from a new perspective. You soaked it all in and propped yourself up so tall. Then you wanted to roll over and leap from the chair. Not big enough for that move yet.

I established a bedtime routine for a Peanut who really didn't need it. This time is for me, as you are one who doesn't have the need to cuddle in general. A time that allows for you to purposely get sleepy in my arms and actually be wholly content resting there as I give you your last bottle of the day.

I came to know you. To understand you a bit more. To cry from sleep deprivation. To bond with you. To stare at you with wonder and awe. To love you with every piece of my heart.

Right in this very spot.

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