Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mobility is Cool!

I was putting away laundry upstairs this morning. And, the true reason I decided to do this is because Finnley wanted to climb the stairs. A.G.A.I.N. So, if I had to follow her up there, I might as well make myself useful once I got there. Laundry it was.

And, when I was halfway done putting away said laundry, Finnley decided to climb the laundry basket. Being that the basket was still half full, it didn't tip over when she went to stand up. And, once she was standing, Finnley quickly discovered that the basket moved pretty fluidly on the hardwood floors. And, because the basket was half moved pretty much in a circle. Over. and. Over. again.

Finnley didn't mind one bit. She just loved being able to walk behind something. She is ready to walk. Soo, soooo, soooooo READY! Scary, isn't it???

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