Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Birthday Wishes

8:39am. August 1st, 2010.
One full year since our little miracle entered our lives. One full year since we celebrated an event that we truly felt might not ever be ours.

It is almost hard to believe she is here. That she has been with us already for 365 days. Especially since she had lived in our hearts and thoughts for so long before that. We are blessed for sure.

With celebrations of birthdays come the crafting of birthday wishes. Finnley isn't quite old enough to understand what it is to make a wish. Or what it is to yet hope for anything. So, this year, I will do the wishing for her...because everyone deserves some wishes and hopes and dreams.

My birthday wishes for Finnley:

  • to never go a day without realizing that she is loved
  • to never feel she is not good enough
  • to never know what it is to be hated
  • to fall in love
  • to gently break hearts if she has to do the breaking
  • to quickly recover if her heart is the one that is broken
  • to give with all that she has and is
  • to not be afraid to receive as well
  • to be affectionate
  • to know she is beautiful in every possible way
  • to not be afraid to laugh at herself
  • to appreciate the simple things
  • to work to figure out the complicated things
  • to get up when she falls
  • to learn from her mistakes and to proceed with grace
  • to take chances despite the risk of failure
  • to never feel she must compromise her beliefs to achieve something
  • to be whatever she aspires to be in life, regardless of how many times that may change
  • to find comfort in her parents' home always
  • to outlive her parents by years upon years upon years
  • to never stop knowing how much she was wanted
  • to never stop believing she is a miracle in her parents' eyes
  • to just be happy

  • Happy 1st Birthday, Finnley Piper Ritter.
    My Peanut. My Love. My Silly Heart. My Princess. My Sweet Baby Girl.
    May all of mommy's wishes for you on this day come true, and may all of your future wishes for yourself be delivered to you in time as well.


    Anonymous said...

    beautifully say it so well. I'm happy your year has been blessed in so many ways.
    The Mowery's

    M and M: said...

    Thanks, Mowery's. Our year has been more than blessed. We are beyond grateful. Missing all of our CO friends! Hope you are well!

    Shazia said...

    What a beautiful post! Happy (belated) Birthday Finnley!

    M and M: said...

    Thanks, Shazia!