Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13, 2003

The day that our first baby was born.

We didn't even know him yet, nor did we know we would have any dog, let alone him. But...the day after Christmas, we picked up our special boy and brought him to his new forever home. He was put through the wringer with kindergarten and obedience classes, but it was worth all the trouble in the end. Our beautiful boy has brought us seven years worth of laughter, joy, patience-testing, and blissfully immense heart swelling. He is more amazing and gentle and wonderful today than we ever could have imagined. On this day, we honor our sweet little guy.

Happy Birthday, Batman. You are pure love disguised as fur and slobber, and our lives would not have been complete without you. Many bones, hats, frisbees, treats, squirrels, belly-scratches, and sloppy kisses to you on your big day. We love you, buddy!

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