Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Out with the Old...in with the New

And so another year passes and yet another new one begins.  Last year we started off the new year with a baby in our house.  This year we start off with a full blown toddler in our presence.  What a difference a year makes.  What a huge difference.

And, just as always, I resolve to kick off my year sans resolutions.  I simply prefer to do the best with everything, for everyone, and for myself on a daily basis.  I think living up to your potential in the moment is better than making yearly promises to yourself or others that most will never keep.  That is just me.  No resolutions at forced times, no giving up anything at forced times...just living a good life as much as I can ALL the time.

In seeing all of the changes that took place for our daughter over this past year, I surely can't even being to imagine what this next year will hold for her, or for us as her parents.  Finnley begins this year a vivacious, precocious, and willfully stubborn little girl.  She is forcing her independence more and more every day, and I drink in the delight that it brings to both of us.  I also randomly cringe at the potential danger that this new-found independence brings.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, though.  And, given that, we should all surely be fiercely strong by the time she reaches the age of 3 or 4.  

Staying focused on the present, though, let me tell you how Finnley begins her new year:

  • words / phrases she now uses: hi, da-da, yes, no (with the accompanying shaking of the head), doggie, hi doggie, hi Boosies (Batman), this, that, bath, ducky, hi there, ma-ma (every rare once in awhile), hot, etc.
  • things she can point to / point out: nose, mouth, ears, hair/head, eyes, belly, toes/feet, hands, shoes
  • using flashcards, things she recognizes and can point out:  baby, ball, jelly, doggie, keys, mirror, shoes, cat, bear, and fish
  • new skills:  walking backwards, climbing just about anything, using a spoon with some success, running, consistently being able to blow kisses / wave hello and goodbye, etc.
  • new teeth:  currently working on cutting all four incisors.  once this task is complete, she will only have to cut her four 2-year molars.  
  • new heights:  she continues to grow up and not out.  still skinny and weighing in at less than 22 pounds.  we love her tiny and mighty!
  • greatest loves:  her mommy and daddy, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, her dog (she worships him!), music, dancing, playing....this kid loves pretty much everything (except for taking long naps).  

Thank you to all who continue to follow our journey.  However you choose to begin the year 2011...may it be a blessed year for all.  


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I feel like I know your family. Look at the Bear card. I think Finnley is learning to read. Thanks for sharing.
Donna (Caleb's Grammie)

M and M: said...

Donna - thanks so much for your comment! I always love to hear from people who stop by the blog. Glad that you enjoy it. And...it never ceases to amaze me what Finnley actually knows. Wee ones are quite the sponges! Thanks again!

- Megan