Monday, February 14, 2011

To My Wife

Hey look! The hubby gets to be a guest writer on the blog today. Why today? Because it's Valentine's Day. And I am on a business trip. Work gets in the way of romance again. So here are some random thoughts about my wife on this day.

My wife is amazing! This is our 9th Valentines's Day as a couple. And after 9 years I can easily say I would do it all over again, just the way we have done it so far. I love that girl more than anyone probably knows. I have seen her at her worst and I have seen her at her best. Her worst is still better than many people's best.

Patience. Tolerance. Seeing the good in others. She has taught me all of these things while teaching me to be a dog lover. I witnessed her patience first hand when we first brought our yellow lab home. As I was telling her we needed to return him, she kept her patience and told me that we needed to give him a chance because she saw something good in him as a puppy. She didn't want us to give up on a good thing. Our dog is now 7 years old, and he's the best little guy anyone could ask for. The only reason I have a friend like him is because my wife was patient with him (and me) when he was a puppy.

Go with the flow and experience life. My wife goes with the flow better than anyone I know. I moved her to different states 4 times in the first 5 years of marriage, just so I could have a better opportunity for my career. This was a girl who had never moved in her life. 4 times in 5 years (including 30 days before our wedding) would break most people. Not Megs. She smiled the whole way, never complained, and made the best of every new neighborhood. Even when I left her to go on a business trip (on a cruise ship in Portugal)right after a move, and she had to unpack every box. She has the strongest soul and the greatest outlook when it comes to adventure.

Determination. If my wife is struggling with something she remains steadfastly determined to overcome the odds. Thank God. As we struggled through fertility treatments early in our marriage, she never gave up. Not after miscarriage after miscarriage. Not after the romance was taken out of our marriage and I was giving her shots in her ass in the parking lot of a gas station...just for a chance at having a child. She even took on a full time job to save money for fertility treatments after benefits ran out. Many would give up after 5 years of this. Megan did not. Thank God.

Wife and Mom. My wife is a mom. A damn good one, too. On this day of love, I wish anyone could see my wife as she helps a toddler navigate her way through life. Unconditional love at its best. Megs and Finn are buddies. They won't always be, but right now they are. And already I get to see my wife teach our daughter patience, tolerance, and love. This is what she does. Every single day. Finnley is lucky.

I love my wife and my family! I love them each and every day. I would be happy if I were stranded on an island with this cast of characters. We have fun! We laugh. We enjoy life. Not much passes us by. We have never given up. We communicate with each other and work through things that bother us. Then we forgive, drink wine, and watch The Bachelor. HA! OK, we actually forgive, drink wine, and find that one little thing that makes us say "I would do it all over again."

Happy Valentine's Day to my wife and friend, my daughter, and my dog. I love you all unconditionally. I love you more every day. I love you.

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