Friday, March 04, 2011

An Approved Outing

The pediatrician requested that I keep Finnley mostly at home, and especially away from overly germy places, while she was sick.  That isn't easy for people who are on the go a lot and who enjoy exploring pretty much all  of our surroundings.  However, I want what is best for my baby, and I heeded the doctor's advice.  So, our first outing didn't occur until Tuesday of this week.  I took Finnley to a Dr. Seuss event in Collingswood at The Pop Shop, a restaurant replica of soda fountain shops of the past.  It was an opportunity for us to get out, but we also weren't at a place where we were constantly touching 5 million things that 20 million other germy children had previously touched.  A nice balance.  Finnley loved it all (balloons!  food!  toys!  friends!), except for the Cat in the Hat.  She has a dislike of any costumed anything walking around and intending to invade her general personal space.  This includes the Chick-fil-A cow and the Cat in the Hat, most recently. Can't say that I blame her....silly girl!




crystal ceiling




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