Friday, March 11, 2011

Discoveries, Indulgences, and Life

The title of this post could be describing any day around here, really. I like that. I like that a lot. Non-descript happiness in a bucket. Daily living at its simplest, yet finest. Just doing, being, seeing, living, and loving.

It is Friday. It is my husband's birthday. I like that, too. What isn't to like about a birthday? The celebration of the creation of a splendid life in the making. They should all be happy, shouldn't they?



We have a budding photographer in our house. Finnley can search out the camera (if she is lucky), turn it on, and start snapping millions of pictures. A close up of the bushy hair on the dog's back. The computer armoire. Her own brilliant hand close up. Tile on the floor. A little pink fleece coat. Mommy. It brought great joy to her to see the pictures, her very own still image creations, pop up on the miniature screen.



Sometimes pants can be a burden. Diapers, too. Fresh air against the skin...well, there is nothing quite like it. So says our tiny roommate. I am not sure who appreciated that moment the most...Finnley or me. Watching it unfold almost had to be better. Sweet silliness.



Finnley discovered new tastes today. She indulged in a few drips of decaf caramel latte' foam and some salsa limon tortilla chips. She sucked every last drip of foam out of the bottom of that recycled paper cup and continued to soak in the flavor by licking her lips. The salsa chips? I thought for sure that it would be a fleeting experiment in spicy endeavors, but nope. That girl loved every last punchy bite. She also figured out how to partially chew a chip and then stick out her tongue to show her mommy how "cool" mushy bits on the palate can be. A girl after her own mommy's heart (minus the "see food" display).






Moments when "happy" just can't be contained.
A good week in the life. A good week. Indeed.

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