Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She asks. I indulge.

Finnley is really starting to come into her own. She has opinions. She has preferences. And, she isn't afraid to voice them. I do not hesitate indulging her, either. (Well, as long as what she wants doesn't harm herself or others, that is.) So, on a rainy day, if my daughter wants to wear bright orange flower-adorned sandals over her white and pink short-cuffed socks, well...all righty then. If she chooses to use her fork to eat her milk-soaked cereal, so be it. If she wants to pose and say "cheese" with milk running down her chin and with a mouthful of breakfast, why not? If she later decides to dump her sandals and cautiously shuffle-parade around the house in her polka-dotted rain boots, who am I to stop her? Rainy days are meant for creativity, and little kids are designed to grow into bigger kids who think, choose, demand, and desire. On this rainy day, my daughter is doing all of that and more. On this rainy day, her mommy is indulgent. Happily. So be it.


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