Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The end of the world.

Seemingly, anyway.

To Finnley, skinned knees just might be enough to bring about the apocalypse. In any event, they certainly did bring about lots of tears, some exaggerated puffy-cheeked huffing, and a definite need for numerous "huggles".

I hate to see what a "real" injury might do to her. Or to me, as a witness to the spectacle. Let's hope it never happens, and we never have to find out. I like utopia. Yes, utopia will suit us just fine, thank you.

Since that might not be an entirely realistic possibility, though, I will make sure to go into this summer armed with lots of pink frilly band-aids and loads of healing mommy kisses. That just might get us by!


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Karen said...

My god-daughter skinned her knees and I didn't know? The horror. Poor Finnley. I'm glad mommy made it all better for you.


Auntie Karen