Friday, September 09, 2011

Out and About

Having surgery can't keep us down! It might make doing things (like picking up a toddler, changing a diaper, carrying a kicking and screaming child to her crib for nap time, cleaning house, etc.) a bit more challenging, but all of these things still manage to get accomplished in one form or another. While the sutures were still in it was most difficult, just because I couldn't get my hand / arm wet. Outside of that, things have been pretty much normal.

So, as normal, we headed out on some fun-trips. Last week we hit one of our favorite destinations, Smith's Play Place in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia. Finnley can't get enough of all of the outdoor equipment. She explores, climbs, rides, controls, possesses, plays, runs, and eventually gets hungry...which is when we head to a picnic table for some lunch before heading home. We need to take advantage of the days left to hit the outdoor part of the play does shut down during the "colder" seasons. So, I'm sure we will have more reports from here soon.

With the fall season coming up, we have some familiar activities to throw ourselves back into and some brand new ones to add to the mix. Finnley has just started GYMNASTICS class! It is a "mom and me" class, and although she is a bit clingy and whiny at the start of class, she turns it around after a few (or several) minutes. She just LOVES it. She waits patiently for her turn and for instructions, and then she just rolls with it...literally! I think this is going to be an awesome addition to our "curriculum". This coming week we will return to our favorite music class. I can't wait because it means we will get a new CD for the car. I have nearly hit my tolerance level for the previous one, and I seriously look forward to some fresh tunes. I hope Finnley likes the new one as much as the old...she has started "singing" some of the words to the songs, and she has "dances" for each one, too.

These two classes will take up our Mondays and Fridays, leaving the middle of the week for additional outings and adventures. Who knows what those will include, but I am sure we have another fall and winter of fun ahead of us!

A look at our trip to Smith's:



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