Friday, October 14, 2011

A Born Natural

Finnley loves to be like her mommy. She likes to wear boots like mommy. She likes to eat whatever mommy eats. She likes to repeat the phrases that mommy says (which usually is ok). She generally just likes to copy whatever mommy is doing. How else do you learn, right?

Today was no different. I was taking pictures, so Finnley decided to search for and find our "point and shoot" camera. If mommy was taking pictures, then she would, too! From there she proceeded to walk around the first level of the house analyzing all of her potential subjects and setting up her shots (all 112 of joke).

Now, although she could use a bit more practice, I do believe that Finnley is a natural when it comes to photography. She is innovative and uses inimitable techniques to capture a moment. And, please don't tell this little girl that the camera is facing backwards or upside down. Uh-huh. That is a part of HER vision for the art of photography, apparently.

See for yourself. The girl is a genius!



And, here is a peek at her in action...(photo courtesy of her mommy):

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