Monday, November 14, 2011

This, That, and the other thing...

So, there was Halloween. And then one day Finnley ran into the corner of the kitchen table and gave herself a black eye. And then we were sick. Nasty cold knock you on your butt sort of sick. We are still a teeny bit sick but mostly better (now 17 days days in). Thank goodness! During this "off" time, though, we have kept busy. We have been to a post-Halloween / pre-Thanksgiving mom and kiddo party. We have also been to a 3rd birthday party that involved a fitness activity bus. Then Auntie Canella came to visit. Yay for Auntie Canella! That visit involved touring around the local haunts, doing keeping-todder-happy activities, eating and drinking, and exploring the city. Fun was had by all. Finnley keeps talking about her "Nella"...and that just makes me happy. Outside of that, there has also been random fun with friends, an 8th birthday celebration for Batman, and the stopping of Finnley napping on a consistent basis (read: still naps sometimes but not all the time. read: still naps but not always at the same time. read: still naps but not always in the same place. read: sometimes does not nap at all and is fine. read: less napping translates into less time for stuff like this that use to happen during days of consistent napping). Life is filled, fun, and always keeping us on its toes!

I believe that catches you up in general, but to expand on it all a smidgeon and a bit...enjoy the following picture journal of most of the above events and some other random happenings.

The holidays are upon us now, and we will be enjoying Thanksgiving in Chicago and Christmas in Tampa...more fun photos and posts will be sure to come from those boisterous and chaotically delicious family-laden events. Stay tuned!


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