Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Sort of Christmas Letter - From The Husband/Dad

Our little family here in South Jersey sends Christmas cards. We don't write Christmas letters. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We just don't. I'm not sure why, but it's likely because I couldn't fit an entire year of craziness into a 1 page letter. Besides, if you want to know what we've been doing the past year just friend me or my wife on Facebook. Or read our blog.

The reality is my wife deserves a Christmas letter to be written about her and her only. Sure, I know that reading about family vacations, milestones, promotions, and little Johnny skipping college and going right into med school only to become addicted to meth is far more fun to read about than my wife changing thousands of poopy diapers, but my letter would have a different tone.

If there's an award for Mom of the Year and you voted like you do for the American Idol winner, I would text her number until my thumbs bled. See, during the past year while I worked, Megan did the REAL work. She spends her days raising our little 2 year old miracle. (See our IVF history to understand what a miracle really is. I mean, allegedly being born to a virgin would certainly qualify as a miracle, but we have actual proof of what our miracle is.)

Megan kicks ass as a mom. She cares so deeply for her little peanut, and like any parent she only wants the best. But Megan actually provides the best. Talk is cheap. Megan actually walks the walk, too. She has our little girl in gymnastics and music class. They go to museums, the aquarium, story time, the mall to see the fountains, and Starbuck to bond. They paint, color, read, cuddle, watch movies, play with our dog, bake treats for the family, and they include others to join them whenever possible. She teaches Finnley to share, love, trust, and to be brave. She teaches Finnley to make good choices. She teaches her independence. And she is patiently teaching her how to use the potty. Megan works her butt off as a mommy. Many mommy's do. Some mommy's don't.

So if I were to write a Christmas letter to our friends and family, it would be short, sweet, and read something like this:

Merry Christmas friends and family! Megan continues to be the best wife in that she is the best mommy to our little girl. I love her immensely. I am proud of her. I am amazed by how our daughter is growing. I am grateful for all my family provides for each other and for me. My girls make me want to be a better person every day, but many days I fall short.
For 2012 I wish my wife and daughter another great year as you both learn to navigate new territory in these toddler years. And for 2012 our family also wishes your family good health, happiness, love, and joy. May your wishes come true in 2012 and may you thoroughly enjoy all of the blessings of life and the miracles around us every day.

Merry Christmas - The Matt Ritter Family


lucinda said...

So sweet. Merry Christmas to you all. I didn't get cards done this year. Quite a bit behind with the broken wrist. I think you are all lucky to have each other.

M and M: said...

Thanks, Lucinda...I think you are right, we ARE all lucky to have each other. Merry Christmas, and happy wrist healing!

Karen said...

Great Christmas letter Matt. You are blessed as is Megan, Finnley and Batman. Life IS good.

Love you guys,

Karen, Dave and Charly