Monday, March 12, 2012


Wow. I owe a lot of updates and a lot of posts. I know it, no need to rub it in my face. I'm a bad blogger. But, at least I still qualify as a good mom! That is more important any day, right?

This past month has been tough, though. I have been dealing with chronic neck pain and headaches. Daily. To the point that it just about has driven me crazy in the worst of moments. I have been to the doctor weekly. I have had a lidocaine injection. I have been on steroids. I have been on NSAIDs. I have taken nightly muscle relaxers. All for what is probably occipital neuritis or occipital neuralgia (nerve pain / neurologic issue). I have been muscling through...just enough to do all the things my kid loves to do, but not enough to do much beyond that, blogging included. I am feeling better (albeit still not great), but at this point I feel functional, at least. Functional is a vast improvement.

So, feeling functional is a start to feeling good, I hope...and this post will be a start to getting back to the blog. A small start. Until I get around to posting more about Super Bowls and red tie events and birthdays...I will do what is most important...and that is sharing a moment of "Finnley".

This kid gets funnier and smarter by the day. I belly laugh a lot. I smirk, smile, and ponder. I enjoy all the moments big and small.

Today I am just sharing a moment, small as it may be. Here it is. Lunch, Finnley-style. Gotta love it!


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