Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

In this new year, I resolve:

To be the best mom possible to this sweet little girl. To let her know every day that she is beautiful, and wanted, and loved. To let her daddy know how proud I am of him, what an important person he is to each of us, and how loved and needed he really is. To live big while remembering not to sweat the small stuff. To strive to do the right thing, without compromising who I am, as much as I possibly can. To say sorry when it is necessary. And to admit when I make mistakes...and then do my best to learn from them, embrace them, and grow from them.


In life it is important to remember how affective each spoken word can can be and how words and actions can impact others. It is essential to focus on what really matters. Perspective is key. Honesty is critical. Confrontation and resolution are necessary, as they create understanding and an opportunity to learn, mature, and evolve. There is no need for self-righteousness or narcissism. There is no place for closed-mindedness or condescension. Put simply, live in a manner that makes you happy without in turn causing harm or unhappiness to others.

We should all resolve to be better versions of ourselves each year. We should hold ourselves accountable for this resolution, as well as for our daily choices as we go about this journey. Life is too short to live with constant be filled with a sense of superiority that leads to the ceaseless judgment of be wrapped up in the intricacies of things that really do not matter. Find time for self-reflection and self-assessment instead of being so consumed with the analysis of those around you.

Enjoy life.

Enjoy love.

Enjoy family.

Create your own "happily ever after".

Happy 2013! Happy life! Happy you!

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