Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Life.

Life is an adventure. It is crazy. It is up. It is down. It is the middle. It is every day. It is all day. It is worth making fun.

And, that is what we do, Matt and I. We make it fun. Not all day, every day. But, we skew the averages, and overall when you add it all up? ...FUN!

So, when our 5 year anniversary rolled around, what did we do? Well, we jumped out of an airplane and went skydiving over the beautiful landscape of Colorado. How do you top that when 10 years is creeping up? What did we decide we would do? Well, run a half marathon, of course! Why do these things? Well, why not???

Here is a look at our anniversary celebration, and a look at us at the half marathon, including a shot of an article written about us for the Philadelphia Inquirer (we are almost totally not quite famous). What a great month this has been so far. I can't wait to see what we decide to do next!

Whatever it is, we have a lifetime in which to do it! And, knowing us, we will do as much "fun" as we possibly can.

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