Monday, June 12, 2006

Stim Cocktail Hour

The baseline ultrasound and bloodwork went well today. My uterine lining was fine, and both ovaries were free of cysts. One ovary had five potential follicles waiting to be stimulated, and the other ovary had six. My primary nurse called me this afternoon to tell me that I should start taking my stim shots tonight. I will be having a "stim cocktail" every evening consisting of two vials of Gonal-F (150 IU) and one vial of Menopur (75 IU). They are pictured here with my sharps container which holds all of the discarded needles. This stim cocktail is given approximately twelve hours after the lupron shots in the morning. Tomorrow the lupron will be reduced to only 5 units (down from 20 units). I will continue on the same dosage of stims and lupron through Thursday when I return to the doctor's office for more monitoring (ultrasound and bloodwork). We accidentally nicked a vein this morning while administering the lupron shot. I now have a tiny blood blister on my belly. This evening's shot was a little bit better, but we still had a small bleeder. I am officially becoming a pin-cushion! Oh the joys of IVF!