Friday, June 16, 2006


Well, today is Friday. It is my fifth day of stim shots, and it is my eleventh day of lupron shots. By the end of the day today, I will have received a total of 16 shots. For fun, Matt and I might start playing connect the red dots on my belly. There are plenty of them to connect. I am extremely happy that Matt has returned home, as I have had to give myself five stinkin' shots. It is no fun to shoot yourself up, and I really wonder how anyone becomes an IV drug user. I am suffering from persistent headaches every day. This is a side effect of the lupron, I believe. I go to bed with a splitting headache, and I wake up with one, as well. I am only starting to get a little bit bloated. Yesterday was another day of monitoring at the RE's office. I had more bloodwork and another ultrasound done. I was told that it was just to measure how things were getting kicked off, and I am kicking things off quite nicely. So far, I have eight potential follicles growing in my right ovary and nine potential follicles growing in my left one. Not all are guaranteed to mature, and there is still a possibility that I could produce even more. However, seventeen is a great number with which to start. I will go back to the RE's office tomorrow morning (yes...I have to go in even on Saturdays) for yet more monitoring. Tomorrow's update will provide more insight on how well the follicles are growing. As of right now, it looks like egg retrieval could be as early as next Friday. It is still all just a guessing game at this time, though.