Friday, July 20, 2007

CCT Results

The CCT is now complete, and the results are in. Everything looks really good, and I have a good ovarian reserve (good eggs).

FSH levels day 3: 6.3
FSH levels day 10: 4.0

E2 levels day 3: 26
E2 levels day 10: 178

They want the FSH levels to be under 10, and they like to see a decrease in the levels between day three and day ten. The E2 level on day three should be less than 80. On day 10 it should have increased. Mature follicles (right before ovulation) general have an E2 level of 200. With mine being 178, it indicates that I have one follicle near maturation and that ovulation will happen soon.

Anyway, since our results are good, we are free to continue trying naturally...and we are also candidates to do IUIs (and/or IVF) in the future if we want. All good news.


Anonymous said...

I checked your page for the heck of it today and found your test results. That's great news, I'm glad that things look good! Sending positive thoughts, prayer, voodoo, anything else that I can think of. Love, Canella

Megan R. said...

I like the voodoo part. I am sure that will help! At least it is different from the norm, and the norm has never, maybe this will!

thaks so much, my friend!