Sunday, July 15, 2007

Clomid Challenge Test (CCT)

My RE with Kaiser suggested doing a CCT in order to find out if my ovaries are still acting their age. Everything else has been ruled out as an issue, so he felt it only made sense to do this one last thing. If everything is fine with the test, it means that we should be able to continue trying on our own, or with treatment....nothing really standing in our way.

The test consists of a blood draw on cycle day3, taking clomid from cycle days 5 through 9, and repeating the blood draw on cycle day 10. They are checking FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and estradiol (estrogen / E2) levels.

My cycle day three draw resulted in the following:
FSH level of 6.3 (anything under 10 is promising)
E2 level of 26 (anything under 80 is a good sign...mine is on the low side of normal, but not probelmatic)

So, now I am taking clomid (think moodiness, headaches / dizziness, hot flashes). Will keep you posted on the next results.

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