Monday, November 10, 2008

Florida, updates, and what-not

Matt and I are back from our Subaru sponsored trip to Orlando, FL. We had a GREAT time! We were given multi-day passes to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We took full advantage of both parks by riding several rollercoasters (Doctor Doom's Fearfall, The Hulk, Dueling Dragons), going on interactive rides (The Simpsons, Spiderman, Men in Black), taking a "river trip" with an unexpected drop (Jurassic Park), and experiencing what a real tornado might be like (Twister). The first night we had a group dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. The food was great, and the entertainment was a blast. They hired caricature artists to draw pictures of anyone who wanted them...or anyone who was coaxed into having one done (which would be us). Ours turned out really well (as you can see above), and we plan to frame it and hang it in the basement. Matt's brother Scott and his wife Renata came up from Tampa on Friday afternoon to join us for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Good food and drinks there (Twisted Mac n' Cheese. Yum!). On Friday night we had an excellent meal at The Palm restaurant with one of Matt's dealers and his wife, in addition to Matt's boss and his family. The poolside at the hotel called out to us on a few occasions, as did the beachy drinks that they offer (Purple Haze...mmmmmmmm). On our last night, we were taken to see the Blue Man Group at Universal Studios. It is an amazing and highly entertaining show. It was better than we could have even imagined. We finished the evening off with a meal that included: lobster mashed poatoes served in martini glasses, sushi, beef tenderloin, pecan encrusted grouper, salads, a lobster pasta, and a dessert bar with cheesecake and pound cake served with a variety of fondue sauces. WOW! I think I gained five pounds with that meal alone! Well worth it, though.

We are back home now and back to the real world. Today I had my appointment at the RE's office for my u/s. My ovaries are both clear of cysts, and they are showing about 17 follicles under 10mm just hanging out. My uterus looks good. All was fine and right as usual. The IVF nurse (and an IVF nurse in training) reviewed with me all of my meds for this cycle. I started with my first lupron injection this morning, and that went off without at hitch. I will proceed with these shots throughout the majority of my IVF cycle. As of today, I only have 5 more BCPs to take...yay! On November 19th I drop down my dose of lupron from 10 units to 5 units. After that, my next appointment with the RE is scheduled for November 21st. On that day I will have my baseline u/s and b/w and will then begin stims shots. It was nice to have had that little FL getaway prior to all of the chaos of IVF really starting. I think we are very relaxed and, bring it!


Tanya said...

Wow that is great that you had a good time. I am so happy about that. And pre-IVF even better! Now you can get down to it and get things rolling! I am so looking forward to your cycle!!!

Jami said...

Good to hear you got a nice break before heading back at it! Love the picture.