Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hoops and Hurdles

Done with BCPs! Finally! Continuing on 10 unit shots of lupron every morning for the time being. Slowly, but surely, getting closer to the "real steps" of IVF.

Added note:
I have been doing lupron shots for one week now. On the day of my u/s appt. the nurse gave me my initial lupron shot, just as a demonstration for the IVF nurse coordinator in training. I have one bruise on my stomach. That bruise??? You guessed it...from the shot the nurse gave me! You would think she would be better at giving shots than me, but it seems that I am just a pro at this point! ;)


rhonda01 said...

Thinking of you!!!

M and M: said...

Thanks, Rhonda! - Megan

Tanya said...

Yeah! done with the first step! Pills be gone!!!