Friday, November 21, 2008

Hoops and Hurdles - Let the Real Game Begin!

Well, we are finally here! I had my RE appointment this morning where they did b/w and u/s. The u/s showed that my uterus is fine and that both ovaries are still free of cysts. I have a minimum of 14 "follicles in waiting". These are all the reserve follicles that will be "stimmed" by the meds. I will begin my 150 IU follistim shots tonight. I will go back on Tuesday of next week for monitoring (b/w and u/s) to see how things are progressing. From that point, the monitoring will really pick up.

Above is a picture of the follistim "pen" that is used for dosing and injection. It comes with a pre-filled cartridge, and I just have to dial-up the correct dose, attach the needle, and shoot up. I am thinking that I will use my thighs for these shots, since I have already been doing all the lupron shots in my belly. This will give more surface area with which to work.

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Tanya said...

YEAH! it is time for the real deal! I hope that you get lots of follies so you have many choices about which to pick from! This is so exciting girl! Love that you are posting here so we can see what is going on!