Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monitoring Appointment #1

Today was my first monitoring appointment after starting the stims. I would like to tell you exactly how well or how poorly things are going, but I truly do not have a clue! The RE measured three follicles less than 8mm in my right ovary, although there were other smaller ones around that he didn't count / measure. He rooted around for about 5 minutes searching for my left ovary, but he was never able to find it. Fun, huh? TRUST ME when I say that it was not for a lack of looking for the damn thing. He pointed out my uterus (the lining is at about 6 right now, which is good). He pointed out the blood supply to my right ovary. He pointed out the right ovary. He "swept" the wand (as much as you really can, since it is an internal u/s) straight across from my right ovary, and he pointed out the blood supply to my left ovary. And....still, no left ovary. He pointed out my intestines. That was pretty much it for the show. This is only the second time that a RE or tech has not been able to find an ovary of mine. Apparently the large intestine can get in the way??? Who knows for sure. I know the ovary was there the other day when I had my baseline done! I am sure it will be "back" next time. So, for now, the RE is just guessing that I have at least 6 "measurable" follicles. When you can't find the follicles, guessing is all you can do!

I will know more once my blood work results are back this afternoon. The b/w measures my E2 (estrogen) levels. It will give a clearer picture of whether or not I am responding appropriately OR slowly to the stims. If I am on track, then I will just continue with 150 IU shots of Follistim every evening. If I am responding slowly, then I will probably have to up my dose of Follistim. Regardless, I am scheduled to go back on Friday morning for my next monitoring appointment. Hopefully it goes better than this one, and hopefully we have some good results!

UPDATE: No phone call from the nurse = no change in meds. I can only assume that all is on the right path at this point. I will continue at 150 IU nightly injections of Follistim and return to the clinic on Friday for monitoring.

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Tanya said...

Great well I hope that the left ovary decides to show up soon! LOL Loved your comment about Ohio state outfits! Funny. Looking forward to your next posting.