Friday, November 28, 2008

Monitoring Appointment #2

Early morning RE appt. the day after Thanksgiving! It is nice because Matt has the day off and was able to go with me. The best news is that I had my regular RE today, and he was able to quickly locate both ovaries. I have at least 7 medium size follicles that are looking good, and at least 9 other follicles that have the ability to catch up. Dr. Van Deerlin feels that we will have a "good harvest". He is upping my Follistim dose in hopes of getting the smaller follicles to grow, grow, grow! Of course, I do not have enough meds to get me by...and the specialty pharmacy is "closed", I am hoping that we can still work out a delivery of my refills by Monday. That would certainly be nice! I am waiting to hear back from my IVF nurse to see what the protocol is in this situation. I am sure it will be fine.

I go back to the RE on Monday morning for more monitoring. We are getting closer. I will trigger in the first half of the week (probably) and should be having ER by the end of the week. This could all change on a day to day basis, though, so stay tuned!


rhonda01 said...

Yipee 16 follicles to choose from! Granted we know it doesn't always work that way but the number sounds lovely! thinking of you always!

Tanya said...

Things are looking good for you my dear friend! I am so happy for you. Grow follies grow!