Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ER Day

Just stopping by for a minute before I lay back down. They were able to get 11 mature follies / eggs today. I will get the fert report in the morning to see how many fertilized. Feeling a little rough. They had a problem with my IV...anesthesiologist had a tough time finding a vein. He eventually did after about five tries. Well, when he went to "put me to sleep" I wasn't feeling anything, and my arm hurt. Turns out the IV wasn't really all the way in my vein, so a ton of fluid just went into my arm. He had to start a fresh IV in my left hand. Anyway, my right arm is all swollen with fluid now and feels sort of funny. Can't wait for that to clear up. Even though they gave me anti-nausea meds, I ended up feeling sick when we got home. Barely ate a half bowl of soup and then just slept for 2 hours. Doing a bit better now, but still in some discomfort.

Actually, starting to feel sick, must go..

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Anonymous said...

Saying prayers for you Megan! I hope the little follies turn into little babes for you and Matt! Rest well and know you have our love and support!
Love, Renata and Scott