Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fertilization Report - Day 1

Still having a bit of a rough go this time around. My arm hurts, but I think the swelling has gone down for the most part. I am having bad aches and pains, I did not sleep well at all, and I am just trying to muscle through. Nothing that I am feeling is out of the realm of the common or ordinary, but it still doesn't mean that it is fun. Onto the good stuff, though...

My IVF nurse coordinator Kat called, and she said that of the 11 eggs that were retrieved, 7 fertilized normally. They had one that fertilized abnormally, so it is "out". There is still a chance that one or two more could fertilize late, and there is always the chance that a few could drop out of the race altogether. So, we wait again until tomorrow's report. Seven is a good start, though, so we are feeling optimistic at this point. We are hoping that the embryos continue going strong so that we will qualify for a 5 day transfer on Monday. That will mean things are looking good, and it will also give my body more time to heal prior to the transfer.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you had a rough ER. You should have gotten a nurse who really knows how to put IVs in (me)! Hope you feel better in the days to come. Great to hear about your report! Now, I'm anxiously waiting for the day 3 report.

Kim M