Saturday, December 27, 2008

No More Betas!

Sorry for the delay in providing updates, but our clinic was closed on Wednesday afternoon, and Matt and I spent Friday trying desperately to travel from IL to PA...on ice. We finally made it to Matt's sister's house after 11 hours on the road. The trip should have only taken 7 hours. Fun!

Well, the results from our 4th beta draw were delievered to us yesterday. Our beta on Monday was 1748, and it climbed to 4322 on Wednesday. It more than doubled over a two day period, so the nurse was very happy. Given how high my numbers are now, they are not going to bring me in for any more beta or progesterone tests. My nurse scheduled me for our first ultrasound on Tuesday at 3:45pm. This is a very early u/s (one day shy of 6 weeks gestation), so we were told not to expect much. The RE would just like to make sure that the pregnancy is in the right place (uterus versus tubes) and that my ovaries and all look ok. It would be a BONUS at this point to see a heartbeat, but it is a bonus we would love to get. If nothing else, we would just like to know that the pregnancy is measuring as it should for that date.

One more little victory...and yet another important step coming up. Tuesday will be a big day for us, one way or keep those prayers and happy thoughts coming our way! We hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa was good to you!

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Tanya said...

Great job mama! I am so so happy for you guys. Wow 6 weeks already! That is so cool. I cant wait to hear how the u/s goes. I was 5wks 5days when I got to see the twins h/b. again I know that it was VERY early but you never know! Yippie!!!1