Sunday, December 07, 2008

Transfer Day - Fertilization Report Day 4

Today was the big day for us. We went into the clinic, me toting my full bladder, for the embryo transfer. We had two "great looking" embryos put back. They were at the morula stage, which is exactly where they should have been today. Above is a picture of a morula stage embryo (image kindly borrowed from the web). We still have 3 or 4 more embryos that continue to grow and divide, so there is a good chance that we will have some to cryopreserve. They will call us on Tuesday with the final cryo report.

I am now at home starting my two days of bedrest. I can sit up, but my legs must be up and stretched out on the couch. I am not allowed to do any cleaning, lifting, vacuuming, nor anything of the like, during my wait for my pregnancy test. Matt is already taking great care of me...he is out getting groceries and buying more wood for the woodburning stove.

I must go back to the clinic this week (Thursday?) for blood work to check my progesterone levels. They want to make sure they are at the appropriate levels to sustain a pregnancy in case I am pregnant. I then go back on December 17th for the official beta HCG pregnancy test. So, lots of excitment prior to the holidays. That day is the same day that we will hit the road for Chicago. If I do get a positive pregnancy test, I believe they would have me do follow-up HCG tests at a lab in the Chicago area. We will see when and if it comes to that!

Below are pictures that were requested by my friends. I went out shopping yesterday for an outfit for transfer. I knew that I wanted the "grow" t-shirt, as it is only appropriate for supporting our embryos as they come home. Well, I ended up getting the full gear for bedrest, too (socks and sweats...and the scarf to get me to and fro the clinic). So, friends..enjoy!

Thanks again for all of the support and encouragement during this cycle as it has meant so much to both of us. And, keep us in your happy thoughts and prayers over the next 10 days! For now we are thrilled to once again be at the stage that we have our minis back "home", and we can just sit back and hope for the best!


TaranTrav said...

Megs- You look adorable in your outfit! I am glad everything went well. I will keep you guys in my thoughts!!


Anonymous said...

GROW GROW GROW!!! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

rhonda01 said...

Hi Megs! Take it easy and only think of those embryos growing and STICKING for 9 months!!!! Or at least one of them!
I used to think of my uterus and a warm and cozy home..........well tried my best to in between all the tears that it wouldn't work again.........but I kept on praying......just as I'll keep praying for you!
Rhonda & Peter