Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fertilization Report - Day 3

Well, I am "stuck" at home today while everyone else is out at the Army v. Navy football game...boooo! Still, I know it was the right decision for me to stay home and rest. I am feeling better again today, but I get pain in my ovaries when I go to sit down or stand up. A little tender with walking still, but overall...I am in much better shape today!

Received the daily embryo update from the nurse, and we have SIX that continue to divide and grow. We are set for our embryo transfer TOMORROW at 10:15am. My instructions are to empty my bladder at 8:15 am and then drink 18 oz. of water at that time. We are to arrive at the clinic by 10 am. We will probably be transferring back two embryos. I am hoping that we still have some good ones left over to freeze...3 to cryopreserve would be great. Wishful thinking never hurt, right? All I know is that the minis will be "home" tomorrow. I will be on bedrest all day tomorrow and all day on Monday. After that, I can resume all normal "light" activities. Sadly for Matt, though, I will not be allowed to vacuum!

We will update everyone tomorrow after transfer and also when we get a cryo report! Send some happy thoughts our way...

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Tanya said...

OH my gosh girl I have been thinking about you. I am so happy that your em-babies are doing well and I wish you tons of sticky baby dust for implantation! Too bad you can do the housework....LOL Take it easy girl and let the babies snuggle in!