Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another scare...but everything is STILL fine!

I have a feeling this is going to get old...bleeding during early pregnancy. It is terrifying and nerve-wracking! It happened again to me this morning at 5am. The bleeding lasted longer this time around. I passed another clot. I am still spotting a bit at this point. The nurse had me come in for another scan to make sure everything was ok.

Well, everything is still ok! Amazing! The mini has doubled in size since Friday (CRL is now 10.07mm), the yolk sac (which feeds the baby and becomes the placenta) is really big, and the heartbeat was nice and strong. We got a good listen again today, and as the RE said...it must be like music to your ears...indeed! The RE mentioned that OB/Gyns do not see a lot of bleeding, but it is common for the REs to see it. He said that sometimes the bleeding happens as the ovaries and corpus luteums shrink. Other times, they really just do not know. He shook both of our hands and told us to keep the faith. So, that is what we are doing.

We now go back on Monday, Jan. 12th for another scan, unless I have to go in unexpectedly again. I am still supposed to call if the bleeding gets worse, or if I pass more clots. If the spotting continues as is and things do not change...then I will just keep my scheduled appointment.

So, for now...join us in just KEEPING THE FAITH!


Rachel said...

Hey, it's Rachel...we met again with our hubbies at the Flyers Game Subaru sponsored. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I've been keeping up with your blog since Matt gave Josh the site info. I can't believe all you've been through and am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that everything stays on this healthy path.

Also wanted to let you know that I bled through both of my pregnancies (among a million other complications). Its an awful feeling every time you see/feel the bleeding- made my heart stop for a minute every time. We even missed the Philly Auto Show opening gala last year because at 7.5 months pregnant I woke up bleeding. They kept me in the hospital overnight for observation and I left the next morning perfectly fine- and without any explanation for the bleeding. It stinks, but remember it doesn't have to be a bad sign.

Let me know if there is anything I can do! -Rachel

M and M: said...

Rachel - not sure if you will read the comments...but wanted to thank you so much for yours. It is an awful feeling, and it does make your heart stop when you see the bleeding. I only hope that our outcome is as successful as yours! Thanks again for sharing your experiences and for your support. We greatly appreciate it! - Megan

teridiane said...

I'm keeping the faith with you! :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Teri said. We may not physically be right there next to you but we are there in every other way possible.


Tanya said...

Hello girl-that must be scary for you. After my m/c I thought I would just be happy to get pg again but the anxiety just increases! I totally know how you are feeling. Hopefully this is just a little nothing for you. It is good news that your mini is doubling in size and a good h/b. Hang in there girl. A stressful time I am sure.