Monday, January 12, 2009


*Note: click on u/s pic to enlarge the view*

Well, we keep reaching new ones, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Today was another u/s scan for us at the RE's office. I have not had any fresh bleeding episodes since our last unexpected visit, and I have been feeling very ill, so we were hoping for a good u/s. That is exactly what we got.

The mini has grown to almost 15 mm in size. It is starting to "take shape", as the RE puts it. You can make out the head (top cursor) and the start of arm and leg buds (sticking out to the left of the "body"). The heartbeat came in at 164 bpm today, which sounded so amzaing!

I almost cannot believe it, but WE HAVE BEEN GRADUATED TO THE OB! That has never happened to us before! The RE said that the pregnancy is thriving, so that is that!

The RE also pointed out a dark patch in my uterus just above the pregnancy sac. He said that it looks like that is where the "bleeds" came from. He said that the pregnancy sac itself is totally fine and well attached. This dark patch was just an area of separation in the uterus that appears to be healing nicely. Hopefully we are all done with that sort of thing!

Lastly, the RE gave me a prescription for anti-nausea medication. I have been feeling sick pretty much all day, every day. It is definitely the worst in the first half of the day for sure. I never get physically sick...but I hate tons of smells and most foods. No fun! The RE jokingly said that his diagnosis would be that of "pregnancy"! ha...ha...ha. Sadly, my insurance company apparently only covers / allows 12 of these pills every 30 days. The prescription directions say to take three of these daily, so technically I only have 4 days worth of these meds for the next 30 days! I plan to only take one in the morning when I really need, this should give me 12 days.

I have called the OB's office, and I am scheduled for my first visit with them on Thursday, January 22nd at 10 am. I will be meeting with their nurse-midwife. This will be the standard first OB visit, and I am very excited for it! I will miss the weekly RE visits that give frequent reassurance that things are well, but I am happy to move on to the next level...which is just normal pregnancy.

Let's keep hoping that there will be several more milestones to continue over this stretch of nine months! GROW, mini, GROW!!!


lmccutchan said...

Congratulations on this fantastic milestone! I have been thinking of you guys and was so happy when I checked back here and saw all your good news! I can't wait to see all your progress.


M and M: said...

Lili - thanks so much for checking in with us! We appreciate having so many people cheering us has been an amazing journey so far. We can't wait to reach those next milestones and share them with you all! - Megan

Jami said...

That is so wonderful!!! I can't wait to see those belly pics.


Tanya said...

Wow megs that is so great! I have been thinking a lot about you guys lately! I am so happy for you! I really am. I am so looking forward to hearing about your first OB apt.

Anonymous said...

great pic of of our niece/nephew!!!!!!!
Keep him/her growing!!!!!!!!!
Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with you.
Take each day at a time and revel in each moment!
Renata, Scott, and Boys

teridiane said...

Best feeling in the world, isn't it? And many more of those feelings to come! Congratulations! Love the u/s pic! :)