Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 13 weeks

Well, they say that the uterus at 13 weeks no longer fits within the confines of the pelvis. In its enlarged state it moves its way up and over the pubic bone. I guess this must be true, as I am noticing that my "pooch" has certainly grown since last week. I am filling out a bit more, although I still mostly just look "fat" instead of pregnant. It all depends on what I wear if you can even "notice"...but I haven't rounded out to the point that it looks like a baby bump. It really looks more like I have spent too much time with my ass on the couch and my hand in a potato chip bag. Only the first part is really true. I don't even like potato chips that much right now!

Anyway, the "clothed" photo was taken yesterday. The other two belly photos are from this morning, when I officially hit the 13 week mark. (As you can see, I certainly look different from varying angles.) I am moving into my second trimester, and it is a welcomed victory for us, to say the least! I will also welcome the disappearance of my nausea any time now. Hopefully that comes sooner rather than later. It is getting old!

Tomorrow is my second OB appointment. There will be no u/s, only listening to the heartbeat using the Doppler. I am really not sure what else they will do (weigh me, measure my belly, take my BP???). I will let you know after the fact!

Thanks again for sharing in our journey and our little miracle!

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