Thursday, February 19, 2009

2nd OB Appointment

Today was my second visit to the OBs office for a routine checkup. I saw a nurse today, and she was really great. The first thing she asked is how I have been feeling...and I told her, AWFUL! I explained the all day / every day nausea...and how I try to fight it in varying ways (feeding it, being one of them!). She said that I should have called and that I should not be suffering. She prescribed a medication for me to try, Reglan. I am supposed to take it three times a day. She said that is has fewer and less severe side effects than the Zofran that the clinic had tried prescribing to me. So, we will see how that goes. With any luck, it will work, AND I won't need to be on it for long.

My urine sample came back fine. My iron count is "normal" but on the low side, so she wants me to increase my intake of iron rich food, if I can. My blood pressure was great. My weight...well, I have gained 5 pounds so far. The nurse was fine with that and said it was normal, but it is a couple pounds more than I would have liked. Guess "feeding the nausea" is really only good for packing on the pounds! Hopefully if I start feeling better that situation will work itself out.

The nurse wanted to check the heartbeat of the baby, and she said she would "see if she could find it". Well, she didn't even have to "look". As soon as she turned the Doppler on, there it was! So, she said the baby is feeling great, even if mommy isn't. The heartbeat is strong and exactly as it should be.

I got to ask all of my questions. And, I AM OK TO GET MY HAIR HIGHLIGHTED AGAIN...FINALLY...YAY...WOO HOO!!! I am also off all restrictions...I am REALLY a normal OB patient. I can have intercourse (which only really matters to a couple of us! tee hee hee) I am able to exercise in moderation, as long as I keep my heart rate under 140 BPM. I am able to lift, within reason. I can take baths. I can travel. I can just "be". Wow! How scary and wonderful, huh? The only restrictions I have are within 5 weeks of my due date, and at that point I am not able to take baths, have intercourse, or travel. But...that doesn't happen until two weeks into the month of July!!! Look at me!

I will go back again on March 19th for another "routine" OB appointment...after that comes the big u/s at 20 weeks where we find out the sex of the baby. Only a couple of long months until that happens! Guess we will have to be patient...

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