Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 16 weeks!

Here we are at 16 weeks already. Time flies when you are having fun! Or when you are having morning sickness. Oh wait...then the time drags. Damn it...that is what I meant. Time is dragging. Whew, glad I straightened all of that out!

I don't think the bump has grown that much, and I still don't look "pregnant" most of the time. Something IS going on in that belly, though, because I AM gaining my one pound per week on average. It still shocks me when I get on the scale and see the weight gain because I am eating really well, exercising, and only having one "naughty item" per day. Guess that little mini is growing!

Although the nausea had been at least easing up, that situation has once again changed. Not sure what is going on, but I have been nauseous all day / every day for the past 3 to 4 days. I stopped taking all remedies as of yesterday since I was still feeling sick. No point in taking something that isn't doing anything, right? So, I have resigned myself to feeling nauseous forever. That way, if it ever does go away I will be pleasantly surprised. If it never does go away, at least I have set manageable expectations for myself.

Outside of that, today is Matt's 39th birthday, so be sure to wish him a happy one! One week and one day until my next routine OB appointment. Not much else going on.


TaranTrav said...

Happy Birthday Matt!

Megs- I think you totally have a baby bump, especially in the red dress! It looks awesome!! I am sorry your sick again, YUCK! I hope it doesn't last to long.

Tanya said...

Hey Happy birthday Matt! Woo Hoo what a birthday present! I think that you have a cute baby bump! And worked mighty hard for it! I cant wait to see pics of the mini! I hope that you start feeling better soon...and feeling baby moving!