Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 17 Weeks

Here we are again...another week gone by...and another belly shot posted. As you can probably tell by the picture comparisons, I have definitely "popped" a bit this past week. It seems to happen overnight, I swear! I am still within my "limits" of weight gain for the month, so this is all baby. Good job, mini! Strangers are now recognizing and commenting on my pregnancy, which is a lot better than me walking around having people think I am just a fat little muffin.

Tomorrow is my next OB appt. Just a routine visit, but I will be sure to post following the meeting with the doc. Hopefully we get another good report!


Lowry said...

you def popped...I luv seeing all the belly shots from week to week!


Steph and Dave said...

Looking good Mama.....