Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 19 weeks

One week shy of the halfway point...can you believe it??? The first half of the pregnancy seems to be moving slowly, but I am told that the second half flies by. I guess I will need to appreciate every second of it before it is all said and done!

This week's photos includes an acutal "head shot" because my dear friend Canella was perturbed (or amused) by the fact that I was headless in every belly shot photo to date. The reason for that is the fact that all of these photos are self photos done using a mirror, and they are taken first thing in the morning (in PJs, no makeup, slept on hair). But, because I am such a great friend, I made sure to include my head in one photo this week. Still not an easy task, given I was still in my was still first thing in the morning...and I was still taking the photo myself (albeit with the timer on the camera and not the mirror). So, long story long...

I am feeling pretty well overall. The nausea crept back in waves this past week, but it is manageable. Yesterday was better, but then the gas pains and heartburn were bad. I just it is all a game of tradeoffs at this point. I will take the gas and heartburn over the nausea, just in case anyone was wondering.

Last month I put on a total of three pounds. So far in the two weeks since my last doctor's appointment, I have put on a total of three pounds. Eating habits and exercise habits remain the, the weight gain comes in spurts as it pleases, I guess. I just hope I don't put on another three pounds in the next two weeks. Yikes! That would be bad!

Still counting down the days until the big u/s appointment on April 13th. We DO finally have the names picked, once we know the sex...we will be announcing it all! How exciting!

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