Wednesday, April 08, 2009

HALFWAY HOME: Belly Shot Chronicles - 20 Weeks!

20 weeks. Unbelieveable! We did it...we hit the halfway point in the pregnancy! Way to go, mini!!!

I am actually feeling much better these days, in regards to the nausea, that is. I have, unfortunately, encountered other issues from the "attractive pregnancy problems" top ten list. Do not keep reading if you do not like TMI...latest problem: prolapsed bleeding hemorrhoid. Yikes!!! Not many other words could make a woman feel less attractive. No worries, though, I am seeking medical attention (not for the humiliation, but for the hemorrhoid, of course). The OB's office is now referring me to a "specialist". In order to see the "specialist", though, I need a referral from my primary care physician. This means that 2 people now get to "get a good look at me" instead of just 1. Lucky me! My "issue" has kept me from going to the gym for the past week, and that makes me sad. I miss my walks and exercises. Hopefully I will be back at it soon!

I can feel my uterus moving up in my belly. The top of it has now hit my belly button area. My belly has not grown much in the last week, but I am still putting on the pounds. 4 pounds in 3 weeks, to be exact. One pound over the "average" for this month thus far. So, I am just considering myself "above average" for the time being. ;)

One woman who works at Destination Maternity (who apparently recognizes me from frequent past visits) stopped to chat me up yesterday at the store. She asked how I was doing, and then exclaimed..."YOU HAVEN'T EVEN POPPED YET! HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU?". Well, gosh...thanks?...I am 5 months. "OH, WELL YOU DON'T LOOK IT!". Ummm...ok?

We also recently had dinner with our backyard neighbors, and one of their mothers was dining with us. Apparently after Matt and I left she told her son and daughter in law..."HOW NICE THAT THEY ARE ADOPTING!". They clarified saying, nooo....Matt and Megan aren't adopting, they are having a baby! She said, "NO! SHE WASN'T PREGNANT! SHE DIDN'T LOOK PREGNANT AT ALL". Ummm...once again...ok?

And then, last weekend when Matt and I were at an open house, the realtor stopped to ask me how far along I was...without any prompting.

So, what does all of this mean? I guess sometimes I look pregnant to some people and other times I still don't. Oh well! I know that I am! Guess that is all that matters!

5 days left until the anatomy scan...can you say freakin' eternity???

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