Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 22 Weeks!

Well, here we are at Wednesday again. 22 weeks! That is such an amazing feeling to be hitting each milestone and watching this pregnancy progress. We still enjoy watching the bump grow.

This week has brought a "bug" with it, and I am not the least bit happy nor amused by this occurence. There is only one thing worse than being miserably sick and THAT is being miserably sick while pregnant!!!

I hate that I can't take much of anything to get relief. I haven't hardly slept the past three nights, and that makes life even worse. I hate hate hate the nightime right now! I seem to have picked up whatever nasty virus has been ciruclating the country...sinus / cough / feelings of having been run over by a truck...something like that. I am headed to the doc this afternoon just to make sure it IS viral and not bacterial. Hopefully they will have some other recommendations on what is safe and good for me to try. I am dying over here right now!

Finnley's nursery is starting to come together. We have her crib set up! I also have taken everything off of the walls and patched / painted them. I have a few decorative details that I have put up. We pick up the dresser this weekend, so the rest of the office will be moved...and the nursery will continue to become, actual nursery.

That is the scoop for now. Going to go back to the couch before I keel over....

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Lowry said...

I can't wait to see pics of the nursery!