Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Nursery...progress

It is by no means done, but we have made some great progress on the nursery. I have completed a couple of "art projects" that I was working on...and they are now being proudly displayed on Finnley's walls. We did pick up the dresser / changing table combo unit this morning, and it will make it up to the nursery at some point this weekend. The desk needs to move down to the basement, too. So, little by little it is looking like a room meant for a baby.

I did attach one picture of the nursery to this post, but the link to see the rest of the pictures is here: NURSERY


I am now going back to enjoying this beautiful SUMMER day here in Philly!

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teridiane said...

Thanks for the comment Megs! Can't wait for your little girl to get here either! Love the the pink tutu outfit! I go crazy with all the cute girly clothes out there. Already consider myself a "bow addict." Emmi never leaves the house without a matching bow. Do I need therapy? :) Anyway, great job on the nursery so far!