Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 23 Weeks

The ever-beloved weekly Wednesday belly shot post! 23 weeks and cranking along. Not a whole lot to report, once again...which is a great thing. The belly grows along with Finn, and I am still keeping the weight gain "in check" more than the one pound per week on average. I am happy about all of that! This week includes an actual "clothed" photo, as I had an early morning appointment so I actually had real clothes on today. I apologize for the crappy photos, but we haven't had sun on a Wedensday for weeks! Doing flash photograpy into a mirror is always complicated.

Still working on getting over my viscious upper respiratory infection. The cough still lingers and shows no immediate signs of releasing me from its grasp. In time, I am sure it eventually will.

Next OB appointment is scheduled for one week from a week and a half to go.

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