Thursday, May 21, 2009

About the little joys...

Amidst, and despite, all of my current gripes about pain, discomfort, and difficulties...I still seek to find ways to appreciate the little joys in life.

Joy 1 - being given such a beautiful morning. It was wonderful to sit on the couch in my screened in porch...watching the sunlight and shadows of rustling leaves play off the pages of the book I am reading...all while someone else is cleaning my house...and also while little Finnley is doing some sort of excited dance in my belly

Joy 2 - having such a wonderful husband who sometimes has the sweetest things to say...such as telling his wife that she is a "beautiful pregnant woman" and "just what a pregnant woman should look like"

Joy 3 - living a life where I am actually able to be at home in the first place and not having to juggle work on top of all the current bumps in my silly road

Joy 4 - knowing that in just about 3 months Matt and I will blessed with a tiny miracle that will forever change our lives in ways that we right now cannot even begin to fathom

So, for today, I will make it all about the little joys instead of all about the major complaints. Why not, right?

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