Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 26 Weeks / What's Up, Doc???

26 weeks brings about a bigger bulge. No surprises there. That of course will tend to happen as the weeks go by, especially approaching and moving through the third trimester. The clothed picture this week is with me in my, not the most flattering of outfits. Flattering isn't really something that happens often right now, though,, what does it really matter?

Moving on, I had my appointment with the orthopedic doctor last night. To really make the experience more enjoyable overall, there was a "scheduling glitch" that caused the doctor to be running well behind schedule. 45 minutes behind schedule, to be exact. She assured me that this was not the norm for her practice. was a doctor's office...of course it was the norm! Now, something that WAS out of the norm were the sounds coming from the next examining room. The walls were paper thin, and it was easy to recognize my "neighbor" emitting a blood-curdling vomit cacophony from her innards...right in the middle of her appointment. It was also obvious that this doctor was not fond of that particular type of clamor, as she could be heard running from the room! What a treat for me to be able to "take it all in" prior to my own appointment.

Even better was the fact that the doctor said that there is NOTHING...SHE...CAN...DO...FOR...ME!!! Wonderful! She did attempt an examination, but she stopped short of a full exam given that she felt she was torturing me. Well, yes, it did hurt. But, then again, everything hurts me right now! Oh well. I pretty much knew going in that this is what I would be told. I have to live with the pain until after I deliver, and will then go away on its own. One bright note: the doctor is willing to sign off on the paperwork necessary for me to receive a temporary handicap placard for my car. That will make one minute aspect of my pregnant and painful life a wee bit more tolerable. I guess. So, off to the police department I go to pick up the forms. Yay, me!

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