Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Advertising and Pregnant Think

Main Entry: ad·ver·tis·ing
Function: noun
Date: 1751
1 : the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements

Ok, so that is the definition of advertising according to Mirriam Webster. Doesn't sound too sinister, right? Advertisements are EVERYWHERE, and there are so many of them blanketing and littering the roadways, TV airwaves, and pages of magazines that most of us are somewhat immune to their potentially warping affects. Yes, most of us. However, "most of us" certainly does not encompass, nor does it apply to, the first time mom to be.

Pregnancy magazines and their sneaky advertisers target us special creatures of emotion and our hormonally driven rationales without any malice at all. We innocently pick up these magazines hoping to "learn" something more about: growing a healthy baby, getting ready for labor, having better sex after the baby, helping our partner, the new dad, adjust and contribute... and a PLETHORA of other truly banal information. In reality we really just skim these articles (or is it just me???), for we have a feeling that we will be able to feel our ways through this childbirth experience and after-experience in a somewhat reasonable fashion with all of the other resources we already have availabe to us.

But, the pretty colors and oh-so-modern looking thingamajiggys meant for the new parents and for their perfect genius baby-to-be that are strategically placed on the other pages in between these ultimately meanigless articles...well, THAT is where we get hooked! We find out about the "must haves" and "parent favorites" that we truly never even knew existed prior to our pregnancy and us peeling back these pages, let alone that we must have them.

Really, how else would we discover that we were potentially missing out on the new "Bugaboo Bee in Red" $530 stroller??? The apparent "necessity for every dad". Necessity, yes, because EVERY dad I know is just dying to show off his "Rolls Royce" of a stroller to his beer chugging buddies during the next gathering for a college football game.

And then there is the "Mama's Belly" bronze bowl. Who could live without the bronze cast of their own pregnant belly? A treasure like that is bound to be a hit at parties and an heirloom to pass down for generations to come. I am sure it is not only art but can also be used for chips or dips, too...right? Extraordinary!

Well, I could continue to sit here and give example after example of the horribly absurd products that are put out there to lure us in. And also make fun of the CRAZY pregnant women who actually succumb to the pressure and are somehow guilted into, or illusioned into, buying one of these riduculous products. Or, I could just simply fess us that I AM one of THOSE crazy pregnant women who has made a couple of these "irrational" (husband think) or potentially very beneficial and useful (pregnant think) purchases after stepping away from said magazines. Come on, just trust me when I say that I am going to look oh-so-good in that very necessary Delivery Gown while I beautifully and gracefully go through my seemingly easy labor and hum my way through my childbirth at the hospital. (can't you just picture it now?) Yep, uh-huh...that's right! Thank goodness for advertising, or I never would have known that I would have been subjected to bleeding all over a dingy, thin, and surely discolored hospital- issue gown that has been worn 400 times before me. Oh...the pure and absoulte horror of the thought!!! Gasp!

Fine, fine, fine...DAMN IT! Ok, honey...I promise...no more pregnancy magazines for me...


jessica said...

I have to tell you that the Bugaboo Bee is a fantastic stroller, but the Bugaboo Chameleon is THE BEST! I am a strolleraholic (yes, there is such a thing), and I can tell you that you get what you pay for when you spend more on a stroller. I am not trying to put down a certain brand of the less expensive strollers in any way, but trying to tell you to spend the extra money on a quality stroller. The Graco's are hard to steer, and the parent usually ends up carrying the baby or child because it is so uncomfortable. The Graco or other less expensive brands end up being the shopping cart more than a stroller for the baby. Check out www.strollerqueen.com, and you will learn everything you need to konw about strollers! I could go on and on all day, but I hope that helps you in some way.

M and M: said...

Jessica - Thanks for visiting! You are too funny. I actually believe I have been to the Stroller Queen page before, and I do know that you often get what you pay for. Funny that you mention Graco. Initially, my husband and I were convinced that we were going to get one of their travel systems. We spent some time at Babies "R" Us testing some out, and then we decided to "interview" real parents in the store. What an eye opening experience! One couple ended up steering us away from Graco, and we ended up with the Chicco Cortina travel system. Not the prettiest colors for a little girl, but I didn't care...it was so much easier to use and handle! And, now my husband has come home from work after talking to other dad's...and told me the only way to go is a Maclaren for a lighter weight stroller. So, that has now made the registry list, too. Certainly more expensive...but not yet in the $500 range! Compromise! Thanks again, and I will check out the site! - Megan R.

jessica said...

Another lightweight stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. You can even buy an attachment for your car seat, and the fold is the BEST on the market! It is very affordable too, and you will use that stroller for a long time! I still have mine, and I have had it for 2 years. That is a record in my book! The push is amazing, it almost lays flat for baby to nap in, has a huge sunshade, and very lightweight and compact. I cannot say enough about the fold....my husband said we will always have one because of the fold. Did I mention the fold??? See if you can find one to test because you will not be disappointed! :)

M and M: said...

Jessica - are you SURE that the fold of the Baby Jogger City Mini is good?? Really? ; )

I did check it out online, and the reviews are FANTASTIC. Not sure where I could find one locally to "test drive". I will look into that. My fear at this point is that we are going to have 6 strollers by the time we are all done. ha!

We already have the Chicco Cortina travel system. It was purchased for us as a gift. And, when my husband was working for Porsche Cars North America (during one of my previous failed pregnancies), he splurged and bought a Porsche rugged / jogging type /swivel stroller. It is AWESOME...but not overly lightweight. You know, the Germans like to over-engineer everything!

So, given that we have those two already...we thought about the additional lightweight stroller, too. I know we will end up with the third one...and right now the Maclaren Volo is on the register...but that has changed a million times already. I mean, what the hell do I know about anything kid related? ha!

So, I will continue to absorb as much advice as possible...and hopefully make some fairly decent decisions along the way.

Thanks again...you really ARE the Stroller Queen...aren't you? ; ) Love it! - Megan R.

M and M: said...

I stand corrected...we are actually registered for the Maclaren TRIUMPH, not the Volo. I guess I wanted to spend more money! ha! - Megan R.

jessica said...

I am definitely not the strollerqueen, and I have only own 16 strollers. There is actually some yahoo groups that you can join to learn more, and they buy, sell, and swap between each other. One is called strollerswap and the other is strollersandbeyond. The actual stroller queen started strollerswap.
The Macs are good strollers, but I know you would love a City Mini. Go to babyjogger.com and put in your address. It will give you the closest retailer so you can test one out. It is a one handed push, and you can walk down the mall with baby in stroller, bags in the underbasket, babybag and extra bags and your purse hanging from the handle, your coffee in one hand, and pushing the stroller with the other. The other moms will watch you in amasement when you turn your stroller around, open the door, and push your stroller with everything in tow through the mall doors very easily with one hand. Now, THAT is a stroller!

M and M: said...

Jessica - is there such a thing as "ONLY" 16 strollers?? ; )

Thanks for the website information. I will certainly go there and plug in the old homestead to see what there is locally! I know that I could find one online, but I would love to test it out in person for sure. - Megan R.

M and M: said...

Jessica - this is just to follow up. I found a local retailer (Buy Buy Baby) in my area for the Baby Jogger City Mini. It just so happened to be located about 1 minute from where I was having my 3D u/s performed this morning, so I stopped in afterward. You are right, indeed! The fold is AMAZING! Wow...one hand, one little lift...and, voila'! Lovely! I like it so much better than the Maclaren Triump, and it will run me about $55 more. Not too bad. Since I don't need it immediately (not until the 6 month mark or so given that I already have the travel system), I am going to hold off on the purchase. However, it WILL be the stroller that I get. My husband already knows that I am dragging him out to test it at some point. Thanks again for the advice! Hey, I am a good listener! - Megan R.

Lowry said...

Hi, My name is Adrienne and I am a strollaholic too! Yes I am! I have MANY MANY tandem, sidebyside and single strollers. I started with that DAMN graco stroller (HATED IT) and bought a new one. I still use the graco because when I am alone it is easier for me to collapse and get in and out of the car then the new stroller. But it is very hard to steer, squeeks so bad like it is about to fall apart. A must have is the snap and go for when the baby is still in the infant carrier (if you choose to use an infant carrier). Other then that, def spend a little more on a stroller...it will be worth it! As for a lightweight stroller I love the chicco. Collapse easily, wheels easily and small enough but not too small


M and M: said...

Adrienne - you are funny...a self-prounounced strollaholic, huh? Well, you know what they say. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! Good for you! ; ) - Megan R.