Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 27 Weeks...and some respite???

Here are the results of the weekly mirror self shot ritual. What would all of you do without seeing these really horribly crappy photos? I am sure your lives would just not be the same!

And, regarding respite??? Well, it is a possibility! I saw the chiropractor today, and can I please just mention that I LOVE her? Even if what she fed me was all just a bunch of malarky, this doc is the first person who has told me that they can help me...and that alone puts a smile on my slowly fattening face. After doing a bunch of tests and examining me, she said that she will either help enough that this "situation" will get better and go away...OR...she will be able to help enough that I will at least feel much better navigating my way through the remainder of the pregnancy. Ummm, here is my $25 co-pay, and thankyouverymuch!

My SPD condition has made my left leg 1.5 inches "shorter" than my right leg, for the current moment. I always knew I was a little bit off, but being that much off is ridiculous! My present clown status apparently stems from the fact that my pelvis is completely misaligned. Well, I definitely knew that much to be true already. The misalignment is causing "everything" to be out of whack. My ligaments and tendons in my right groin / inner, upper thigh area are in a huge knot and are hard as a rock. The muscles in my lower right back are pretty much the same. So, for now...lots of gentle manipulation and massage at Dr. Wonderful's office...followed by some simple stretches and exercises at home. I can manage that. Oh, to be in less pain...that little dream now seems somewhat palpable.


Megan P said...

We are both 27 weeks today!!! I am glad you found me through sarah...I am so excited to follow a blog of someone who is my same due date!! AND great first name by the way!

M and M: said...

Megan P. - I thought the same thing about your fun that someone else is due exactly when I am! And, even funnier that we share the same first name. Of course, one subtle difference...I have about 10 years on you! ha! That's ok. Something had to be different, right? Thanks for stopping by! - Megan R.

jessica said...

I had SPD too with my last pregnancy, but mine didn't show up until about 30 weeks. It was HORRIBLE!! It felt like someone was shoving a knife up in me everytime I walked or tried to get up! I am always in the minority with things that happen to me, so I think I am finally used to it! I had my twins almost 6 weeks apart. Beckam was born at 21.5 weeks, and he only lived 2 1/2 hours. Jackson was born at 27.4 weeks, and he is now 5!

M and M: said...

Jessica - first off...I am so sorry that you lost one of your twins. I can only imagine how devastating that is. All of my losses were early, and although painful...nothing like what you must have experienced. What a blessing that your other little one was such a fighter and is with you today! Jackson is obviously a little miracle!

And, I am glad that I am not "alone" in my "doing everything different" routine. SPD is miserable. My OB said that something that like shouldn't happen until much later in a pregnancy. Well, tell that to my body! At least I am finding some relief with the chiropractic treatment. I felt like I was at the end of my rope until then. Just another 3 months to go now! - Megan R.