Monday, June 15, 2009

Murphy's Law

We have all heard of Murphy's Law. We all know that Murphy is out to screw us on a regular basis. I am one of his favorite "customers". So...I worry.

I worry that my husband has necessary business travel starting on August 11th. Originally this travel was supposed to start on August 17th...GULP! My lovely managed to get that backed up a week, at least. Granted, the travel is not THAT far it will start in Philly, then head to Pittsburgh, and work its way back to South Jersey.

HOWEVER. I am due August 26th. And, being one of Murphy's favorite "customers", it really just sets me up to go into labor anytime beginning on August 11th...or during the remainder of my lovely's road trip. I can just see driving myself while in labor...fending off contractions while trying to steer somewhat within my own lane...all while desperately trying not to get pulled over as a possible DUI suspect...willing myself to the hospital in one piece...and calling my lovely to meet me there as soon as it is humanly possible.

The only things really working in our favor here are the fact that first time moms GENERALLY go into labor later rather than sooner in regards to their due dates. And, first time moms GENERALLY have a long labor.

Murphy could give a crap about first time mom generalities, though...

I already feel him stalking me from a not too distant location just waiting to pounce and make his blasted move. Damn that Murphy and his stinkin' law! I plan to show him up JUST this ONE time! I can resolve that to happen, right??? I guess we will know soon enough!

So, let me know if you see Murphy around. Just so I can be better prepared. By "prepared" I mean I can carry a big stick with me or beat the shit out of him and lay him up just until after my lovely returns home in August. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Megan P said...

Maybe Murphy will go on vacation, too! I am sure it will all work out and if you do begin labor, it will be slow enough for him to haul ass to South Jersey!

Good luck!!

M and M: said...

It will all work way or another, I am sure. I just hope it all works out simply and easily while my husband is at home WITH me!!! : )